About us

East Yorkshire Bat Group (EYBG) is a voluntary organisation set up in 1990, one of around 90 similar county-based bat conservation groups in the UK. EYBG is a partner group within the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) and works in partnership Natural England.

What we do

Research and conservation                             

East Yorkshire Bat Group carries out surveys of bat roosts, habitat, feeding areas and hibernation sites in the county. The data is used by conservation bodies and ecological consultants.

We have a number of bat boxes schemes which provide additional safe roost sites for bats which are also monitored during the year increasing our knowledge of the ecology of bats.

The group has a number of bat carers who help rescue and rehabilitate injured or grounded bats in the county.


We offer advice and information to householders about sharing their home with bats and information about how to encourage bats into your garden.

Education and events

We regularly share our enthusiasm about bats and aim to increase public awareness about bat conservation through talks and summer bat walks.


We receive and hold records of bat roosts and sightings in East Yorkshire.


The group offers basic training on the use of bat detectors and the handling and identification of bats in the hand. The group offers more advanced training for those members who wish to carry out licensable activities on behalf of BCT Bat Helpline.

Join us

If you decide to join us you will be helping to conserve and protect East Yorkshire’s bats and you’ll receive a regular newsletter keeping you up to date with the latest bat news, indoor meetings and field events, which all members are welcome to join.


  1. Hello,

    I’m interested in joining a bat group as I am keen to work with them and would like to gain some experience.
    Can you give me any information regarding this and how to go about joining the organisation



    • Hello Ben
      Please download the ‘Join us’ PDF from our website, complete it and send to the address shown on the document. Membership runs from 1st January each year and is £5. It covers anyone loving at that address.

      We look forward to receiving your membership subscription. Once we have recieved this, we will send out the latest newsletter about our events for this year.

      Kind regards

      Claire Storey
      EYBG Secretary

  2. Hi, i would like,more information on joining the group, i am from Goole East Yorkshire,thankyou

    • Hi John, just go to the how to Join Us page on the website and download the pdf or doc file all the information is on there

  3. All those members attending the Burdale Tunnel visit please remember to take a hard hat, willies/waterproof boots and a torch/headtorch.

  4. Hi, I’m I live in the centre of Hull and am interested to learn of the best places in the city to see bats. Would you be able to suggest anywhere please?

    • Hi there,

      Sorry about the late response to your comment – if you live in central Hull then try your local park. Pearson Park and East Park have bats flying around in the evenings from 20-30 minutes after sunset April-September are the best times to be out on a warm evening with temperatures above 10C. The best places to find bats hunting are around the ponds – your local neighbourhood bat ‘common pipistrelle’ and sporano pipistrelle are the most common species to find there.

  5. Is there any bats in our old cemeteries please?

    • Hi,
      Cemeteries are usually great places for bats especially in an urban environment providing dark green speces, sometimes they’ll roost in cracks/holes and under bark of larger older trees and feed on insects you usually see flying around.

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