Bat News

Joanne takes young bats under her wing to help baby boom

Our very own East Yorkshire Bat Group Secretary, Joanne Allen talks about East Yorkshire bats and what to do when you find a grounded bat.

Bat Maps: The Conservation Crusade

Conservation efforts have taken an important step forward, thanks to observations of bats — creatures that make up a quarter of all of the UK’s native mammal species. Science Daily, July 2, 2013.

Creating a bat friendly garden

Bats are a fascinating and diverse group of species, it is important that we protect them and try doing our own little bit to help them survive the damage we have caused to their natural habitats. We spoke to Professor John Altringham, a leading bat expert at the University of Leeds to ask him some questions about the current situation with bats and advice on how we can do our own bit to help.

Click on the link below to find out how.

Yorkshire bat colonies ‘cohabit all year’ by Mark Kinver Environment reporter, BBC News. 26 January 2013

Click the link below to find out more about colonies of Daubenton’s bats in the Yorkshire Dales that have surprised scientists by having males and females living alongside each other all year round.

Are bats afraid of the moon?

Moonlight scares bats into hiding in the shadows, new research suggests

Great images of bat embryos

Scroll through the images to find the bat embryos

Hot of the press articles authored for Imprint by Tony Lane, East Yorkshire Bat Group County Recorder.

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East Yorkshire Bat News

Bats Beside the Seaside

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