Contact us

Group Secretary

Claire Storey
01904 608646   07854 776393


Group Treasurer

Tom Storey
6 Derwent Park Close, Sutton-on-Derwent, York YO41 4BQ

01904 608 646    07854 776 393

Group County Recorder

Roger Curtis
Nova  Scotia Farm, The Valley, Rimswell, HU19 2BZ

01964 614295

Deputy Recorder

Jonathan Spencer

01482 798667    07702 974675

Group Event Organiser

Geoff Wilson

Group Website Owner

Helen Holford


  1. Hello Ian

    Could you provide more details as to where you are located? could you please repy to the email address below as this is an open discussion and therefore I wish to keep your details protected.

    Thank you for visiting our webiste.


    EYBG Secretary

  2. Hi all,
    Please could you provide details as to whom I should direct a bat roost record to? The Group County Recorder doesn’t seem to have an email address.
    Ben McLean

    • Hello Ben
      Please forward your bat records to me and I will ensure our recorder gets the information. Also it woudl be really useful if you could also contact North and East Yorkshire Ecological Data Centre (NEYEDC). They hold all our bat records, but it woudl be useful to know where you have found a roost in East Yorkshire.

      Many thanks

      Claire Storey
      EYBG Secretary

  3. Some time ago I contacted one of your members regarding the permission I had been give to put some bat boxes in the trees at the back of my house and I needed help and advice on the best way to do this. The gentleman I spoke to said he would speak to your group and get back to me. To date no-one has been in touch and I would really appreciate talking to someone in your group. My telephone number is 01377 236576. Many thanks.

    Dilys Griffiths

    • Hello Dilys

      I have passed your email onto our secretary Joanne Allen – email address She will be in touch with in due course. It would be helpful if you could provide Jo with details of who you originally spoke to.



  4. Hello, I live on Wold View, South Cave and I am concerned about a new houses that are going to be built on Bacchuss Lane, South Cave because on an evening when I am walking my dogs I often see bats flying about in that area. What will become of them if this building work goes ahead.

    Tony Kelly

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