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  1. Hello,I live at 23 Endyke Lane Cottingham. I am concerned about a new house that is being built behind number 25 Endyke Lane Cottingham because on an evening when I am sitting in the garden I often see bats flying about in that area. What will become of them if East Riding Council allows the builder to cut down the trees in this area and the new building work goes ahead.

    • Hello Peter
      I am sorry not to have replied until now. It is the responsibility of any Local Planning Authority to ensure that sufficient effort has been undertaken to establish if there are protected species that could be affected by any development work. If it is not too late, I would check with the Authority to ensure that the trees have been subject to a tree survey (a bat roost potential survey). This type of survey undertaken by a profession ecologist will advise the LPA whether there are any additional surveys required and or a licence (if bats are present) is required prior to felling.
      I hope this helps

      Claire – EYBG Secretary

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